Saturday Distraction – Ensembles

•May 15, 2010 • Leave a Comment

This week I’ll be giving you a few drum ensemble clips to check out. Drum ensembles are tricky to arrange for, so I have the utmost respect for anyone who writes or performs this music. Here are a few different ensemble styles that may pique your interest. Continue reading ‘Saturday Distraction – Ensembles’


First Gig?

•May 15, 2010 • 1 Comment

I mentioned in the post about my first album that there were two stages to losing your musical virginity. The second stage is that of going to your first live gig. This is different to buying an album, because it’s all in the moment. You don’t get to rewind and play it again – you get one shot to enjoy it! Continue reading ‘First Gig?’

Saturday Distraction – Frkin’ Funny

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Here’s a cup o’ clips for your viewing pleasure – on a comedic theme this time.
They’re all classics in their own right and you may have seen them before. But it never hurts to see them again. Continue reading ‘Saturday Distraction – Frkin’ Funny’

My First Album

•May 8, 2010 • 3 Comments

There comes a time in every person’s life when they lose their musical virginity. It’s kind of an appropriate phrase, which is good, because I can’t think of any other way to describe it.

The first stage of this process is when a young person will take their hard-earned money, hie down to the local music store and buy their first, very own album. This is a heady experience, where they are making the decision to commit, and invest financially as well as emotionally into something that will remain with them for the rest of their lives… Continue reading ‘My First Album’

Saturday distraction – stick tricks

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We’re all told that stick tricks aren’t necessary to be a good drummer. Don’t bother practising them, we’re told, because your sound matters more.

So we practice them anyway. We waste time on them rather than perfecting our paradiddles. Why? Because nothing – NOTHING – can escape the fact that they just look so… damn… COOL.

Here’s 5 clips to inspire you to waste your time. In a good way. Continue reading ‘Saturday distraction – stick tricks’

The Must-Haves of a Working Drummer, Part 1

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If you’ve played drums for any length of time, chances are that you’ll eventually hear that it is possible to make money playing drums. This is a good thing, right?
Well… yes, it is. You get to work with a variety of people and explore many different styles of music in many different venues for many different audiences. Continue reading ‘The Must-Haves of a Working Drummer, Part 1’

Three Albums of Awesome – part the 4th.

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After my month of metal and funk/punk (which was pretty awesome, by the way), I thought I’d switch genres completely. I’ve gone for a bit of Canadian indie pop/rock, some N’Awlins funk and some good ol’ Aussie acid jazz/groove/funk. Continue reading ‘Three Albums of Awesome – part the 4th.’