Saturday Distraction – VADRUM!!

Ever wanted to take classical music by the scruff of the neck and drag it kicking and screaming into the 21st century? Or just drag it kicking and screaming… somewhere else?

I’ve just discovered Andrea Vadrucci (AKA Vadrum) via the very useful and highly distracting website Intertube Records.

Vadrum has been around for a while, since the hit counts on his YouTube clips are in the millions. You may remember him from this clip, which did the rounds a while ago.

Vadrum’s particular approach is to take theme songs and well-known classical music and accompany it with a prog-metal infused drum track. It’s a bit cheeky and very clever, and he pulls it off very, very well.
Since I am (a) a fan of prog, (b) someone who appreciates classical music and (c) someone who enjoys drumming in general, this appeals to me on a number of levels. There’s equal parts of clever and irreverent, and a small spoonful of wtf thrown in for good measure.

If you like classical music and you have a sense of humour, you’ll like it.
If you like classical music and you do not have a sense of humour, be prepared to dig out your old records (the “proper” stuff) afterwards and engage in some memory repression therapy. Or maybe you shouldn’t listen at all. Or maybe you should get a life… just saying… 😉

Here it is, so you can make your own mind up.

1. The Marriage of Figaro

2. The Barber of Seville

3. The William Tell Overture

4. Rondo Alla Turca

This makes me want to go and mangle some classical music myself.
There’s a lot more on his website, including a few Mario Brothers takes. Happy timewasting!


~ by Tim on September 24, 2010.

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