Saturday Distraction – Frkin’ Funny

Here’s a cup o’ clips for your viewing pleasure – on a comedic theme this time.
They’re all classics in their own right and you may have seen them before. But it never hurts to see them again.

First off, Buddy Rich. He was a bit of a celebrity as well as a superhuman freak of a drummer, and he made apearances on tv shows in his time. Here he is on the Muppets, facing off against Animal:


…and a few years earlier (1965, in fact) on the Jerry Lewis Show:

Finally, off on a slight tangent, here’s Rowan Atkinson playing an invisible drum kit:

…I’d love to know how he fit all those drums into such a small space…

If you’ve found other drum clips that are just as funny, please share!
Enjoy, kids!


~ by Tim on May 8, 2010.

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