Three Albums of Awesome – part the 4th.

After my month of metal and funk/punk (which was pretty awesome, by the way), I thought I’d switch genres completely. I’ve gone for a bit of Canadian indie pop/rock, some N’Awlins funk and some good ol’ Aussie acid jazz/groove/funk.

1. Silent Radar by The Watchmen is one I’ve had in my collection for quite a while. I remember hearing Stereo on Triple J back in the late ’90s. The title track from the album is also worthy of note.

2. We Got Robbed! Live From New Orleans by the Dirty Dozen Brass Band was discovered by happy accident. I bought an edition of Modern Drummer that contained an interview with the drummer Terence Higgins. After reading the interview, I was so impressed with Terence’s ethos and outlook on drumming that I went and bought two of the DDBB CD’s straight away, the other being Buck Jump. Terence has a massive groove and he’s seriously, seriously tight. He has a feel that I’d love to be able to even come close to one day.
The whole CD is pure fun. There’s a great deal of interplay and fooling around by the horns, and Terence lays down a killer groove the whole time. DDBB started out as a traditional New Orleans jazz band, then at some point felt they needed to move with the times, adding a kit drummer, keys player and guitarist to the mix. The result is pure magic. Seriously, check them out if you’re after something funky.

3. D.I.G. (Directions In Groove) were a short-lived Melbourne band that did quite well for a few years in the mid-late 90’s. Their CD Speakeasy is the third in my list this month. I saw them once at the Valley Festival in 1998, and he seriously carved it up. I was very impressed, and Terepai Richmond became one of my early drumming influences. Hot Cakes and Klunky are two tunes from that CD with some serious groove. I’m only disappointed that D.I.G. didn’t release any more than their initial 3 CD’s. Terepai is a seriously underrated drummer with a lot to offer. After D.I.G. broke up, he went on to join another band, Multiball, which also rates a listen if you can get your hands on their material. He also went on to play for The Whitlams and Missy Higgins. There have been rumours of the band reuniting, but at this stage, that’s all they have been.

Well… that’s my three albums for the month. What’s yours? Are you game to take on the challenge yet?


~ by Tim on March 2, 2010.

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