Three Albums of Awesome – Part 3

After listening to COG last month, it inspired me to dig out some of the heavier albums in my collection.

During high school and the years after, my diet of music was supplemented by sounds from the heavier side. I delved into Pantera and Megadeth and experimented with Korn and Fear Factory a few years later. In recent years, I’ve enjoyed newer bands such as Day of Fire, Blindside, and Pillar (Lester is a GORILLA of a drummer!), so I thought it would be good to explore a bit more of this genre.

As a result, this month, my albums have been:

Becoming the Archetype: Dichotomy

Demon Hunter: Summer of Darkness

I was enlightened recently as to the existence of these two bands. My mate Col lent me the CD’s to try and I was quite impressed.
Demon Hunter are a guitar-driven metal band, while Becoming The Archetype lean more towards a Prog-Metal banner with dense arrangements of guitars, keys and strings, and less of the blast-beats and double kick features. BTA also do an interesting take on “How Great Thou Art”. It’s not for everybody, but it was fascinating to hear a metal version of an old hymn.

The other is an old classic from my CD collection:

Infectious Grooves: Groove Family Cyco

Infectious Grooves was a spark of genius – an amalgamation of funk and metal that I had never heard or seen before or since. I was introduced to them by another friend – Brett – who gave me a tape of their first album back in 1994 with the words: “l think you’ll like this.” Very mundane words to usher in a new era of my life. I found out that the bass player and singer were from another band – Suicidal Tendencies – which sent me looking for more material. I had never heard Rob Trujillo’s bass playing before, and it made my head spin that this sort of playing was even possible. I’d been a fan of the Flea/Chad combination in the Chili Peppers for years, but this was a whole new level. At the same time, I discovered an awesome drummer in Stephen Perkins (Jane’s Addiction, Panic Channel).

So that’s my 3 albums for Feb. If you’re trying this concept for the first time, or you’ve been doing this for a while, I’d be interested to hear what your three albums are, and why. Even if you think this is a stupid idea and I should be institutionalised, leave a comment!


~ by Tim on February 20, 2010.

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