Three Albums of Awesome – Part One

Ok… So it’s a weird title, but I think it pretty much sums up what I’m trying to do.

The point is this: we all have a lot of music. I’ve personally got about 14Gb, which equates to a couple of hundred albums on CD. Which is a lot of music. But not as much as some! There’s no way that I can listen to it all in a day, or even a week! So what I’ve decided to do is choose three albums to listen to for a month. That’s right – a whole month. 30 days. There are rehearsal tracks that I need to listen to for work, but aside from that, there will only be three albums on my playlist each month.

“But why?? Why do this to yourself?” You may cry in confusion, “surely boredom will set in after a day!!”

I have my reasons. The main one is for pure music appreciation. Our music collections grow and grow and grow. When CD’s were the main storage medium for music, physical space was an issue. Now, though, with 500Gb, 1Tb and 2Tb hard drives being common, it’s really easy to accumulate a large music collection. This is not a bad thing in itself, BUT, because we usually only have a certain amount of time in the day, we never really listen to much of it! THAT is a bad thing. We skim through stuff. We listen to a song once and forget we even have it in our collection. We experience our music on a very superficial level. We acquire much, but never really appreciate what we have.

What I’ve found, is that the more I listen to one album, the more I notice.

For the music nerds, I start to appreciate the nuances of the style, the arrangements of the songs, the drum sounds used in each track, the grooves, the fills, the chord progressions, the percussion loops, the bass licks. After a while, nothing goes unnoticed. I start to ask questions about the music and learn more about the composition techniques and the harmonic structures.

For everyone else, I just start to really know the songs. Remember when you got that album when you were 14 and just played it to death? You knew the words, the guitar riffs, even could sing the guitar solo note-for-note! You also knew which song was coming next even before it started playing. That’s what I’m talking about. This happens less and less as we acquire more material for our ever-fattening hard drive. The more stuff we have to listen to, the less likely we are to play a song more than once! This self-devised method forces me to really get inside my collection, bit by bit, and really learn something about the music that I’m listening to.

If you want to play too, the rules are very simple:

1. You can choose any three albums by any artist from your collection. You can follow a theme, a style, a particular band or just randomly pick three albums to listen to.

2. Once the albums are decided on, you CANNOT change them until the next month. No exceptions if this is to work properly. Imagine you’re on a desert island with a solar powered iPod and ONLY these three albums to listen to! Yup… you’re stuck with them until the guy in the boat comes over once a month with a laptop, wipes your ipod and dumps three more albums on for the next month.

3. The albums can be changed after a calendar month. Since today is the 15th, I will be changing mine on the 15th of every month. 2. You must choose at least two new albums the next month! If there’s a particularly awesome album on your list, you can keep it, but you MUST change the other two.

4. Write down or blog your experiences. If you think an album is great, say why. If you think it’s crap, say why. Don’t just rave about it or write it off, give some intelligent reasons. I’m pretty sure after a month you’ll know why! I’ll be blogging about my experiences, so if you want, you can leave comments about your own musical encounters on my blog.

My three albums for this month (15/11/09)  are:

1. Songs From the Sparkle Lounge (Def Leppard). This is the latest offering from a band that has been around since the late ’70’s. Def Leppard is one of the highest selling rock bands around, and their longevity in the music business tells me they are doing something right. Rick Allen has been one of my drumming heroes since I was about 13 or 14. I’d love to jump on his drum kit one day and have a hit, it would be a real eye-opener for me.

2. In The Slot (Tower of Power). Some Oakland Funk/Soul for variety. David Garibaldi has come up with some of the most innovative drum parts in history, and I always enjoy his playing. It’s very intellectual drumming, but he still makes it groove well.

3. Timeless (DJ Goldie). One of my few drum’n’bass albums. (Note to self: must get more!) I particularly enjoy Johnny Rabb and JoJo Mayer when they play live drum’n’bass, but Goldie is one of the forefront electronic artists around. I think electronic composers have just as much to offer to the music world as instrumental composers.

So… jump in if you want to and join the fun! I’d love to hear what your Three Albums of Awesome are.

Cheers… TK >O


~ by Tim on November 15, 2009.

7 Responses to “Three Albums of Awesome – Part One”

  1. I like the way you think Tim…. I’m going to go home and have a bit of a think and choose 3 albums…. but my music collection is over 50GB! What to choose?!?

    • It’s a tough call, I know. My strategy was to choose one favourite (Timeless), one I hadn’t listened to for a while (In The Slot) and a brand new addition (Sparkle Lounge).
      Remember they’re not for forever, just for a month. You’ll eventually get through your collection, but 50Gb is a lot!

  2. This is a really good idea that I never really thought of. I personally have about 40gb right now, so it’s going to be a difficult choice.

  3. […] this, head over to his blog and read his post on the subject. Here’s a link to his post: Tags: blog, Music, suggestion, the caffeinated drummer Share this […]

  4. So glad I came across this site.
    I will probably start that as of tomorrow (If I can choose between all of the albums I do have)

    – Be sure to check out my blog.

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